Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thergothon - The Unknown Kadath In The Cold Waste

colossal towers far in the horizon
a reflection from the dark past
a shadow from the Time
before time a memory of a divine dominion
distant piping of a cosmic flute
a hymn so high, a sound so strange
almost able to be heard voices from the Outside

"Higher and higher rose the light and the blackness beneath it, till all the northern sky was obscured by the rugged conical mass. . . . towering monstrous over all peaks and concernments of earth, and tasting the atomless aether where the cryptical moon and the mad planets reel. No mountain known of man was that which loomed before them. The high clouds far below were but a fringe for its foothills. The groping dizziness of topmost air was but a girdle for its loins. Scornful and spectral climbed  that bridge
betwixt earth and heaven, black in eternal night, and crowned with a pshent of unknown
 stars whose awful and significant outline grew every moment clearer. . . . Higher and higher
rose the light, till it mingled with the loftiest orbs of the zenith and winked down
at the flyers  with lurid mockery. All the north beneath it was blackness now;
dread, stony  blackness from infinite depths to infinite heights, with only that
pale winking beacon perched unreachably at the top of all vision.  . . . There
were towers on that titan mountaintop; horrible domed towers in noxious and 
incalculable tiers and clusters beyond any dreamable workmanship of 
man; battlements and terraces of wonder  and menace, all 
limned tiny and black and distant against the starry 
pshent that glowed malevolently at the uppermost
rim of sight. Capping that most measureless 
of mountains was a castle beyond all 
mortal thought, and in it glowed the
daemon-light. Then Randolph 
Carter knew that his quest 
was done, and that he saw
above him the goal of all 
forbidden steps and 
audacious visions; 
the fabulous, the 
incredible home 
of the Great 
Ones atop

(H. P. Lovecraft, Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath)

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