Saturday, March 24, 2012

Darkthrone - Hans Siste Vinter


One should see that all appearance
Is like mist and fog;
Though one has vowed to liberate all sentient beings,
He should know that all manifestations
Are like reflections of the moon in water.

Without attachment, he knows
That the human body is but a magic spell.
So from all bindings he gains freedom.
Like the immaculate lotus growing out of mud,
He attains the conviction of Practice.

The mind is omnipresent like space;
It illumines all manifestations as the Dharmakaya [truth-body, reality-body];
It knows all and lightens all.
I see it clearly like a crystal
In my palm!

("The Gray Rock Vajra Enclosure," The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa)

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  1. Increasingly, Panzerfaust is my favourite darkthrone album. Sounds somewhere between Transilvanian Hunger and A Blaze in the Northern Sky after applying Occam's razor. It's a shame though that they decided to censor themselves on this album and on Transilvanian Hunger. They did not follow their own philosophy, and now they have none.

    Be the hammer.