Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni - The Black Hymn of the Universe

The Universe is not reflected in another universe, and yet the Remote is accessible to us at each of its points.

Black is not merely what man sees in man, it is the only “color” inseparable from the hyper-intelligible expanse of the Universe.

Stop sending your ships through the narrow cosmo-logical corridor. Stop making them climb the extreme walls of the world. Let them jump over the cosmic barrier and enter into the hyperspace of the Universe. Cease having them compete with light, for your rockets too can realize the more-than-psychic, postural mutation, and shift from light to black universe which is no longer a color; from cosmic color to postural and subjective black. Let your rockets become subject of the Universe and be present at every point of the Remote.

See black! Not that all your suns have fallen--they have since reappeared, only slightly dimmer--but Black is the “color” that falls eternally from the Universe onto your Earth.

(excerpts from: François Laruelle, "On the Black Universe.")

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