Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sapthuran - Astigan Se Beorg


Astigan Se Beorg (Journey up the Mountain)

He continued his journey
With eyes fixed upon the mountain
Soon he would reach its base
Soon he would ascend its slopes
The winds began to blow
The warm breeze turned to ice
It's bite invigorated his spirit
As he walked onward
The pain turned steeply upward
He struggled to to traverse the incline
The air grew thin
A faint snow began to fall
And he stepped out upon its apex
Looking over the forests below
He stood atop the highest mountain
And, finally, he was alone
Here he learned true peace
And he vowed never to descend

Never to return to the world

"But the third death, by which this Soul died, no one living grasps except the one on the mountain" (Marguerite Porte, Mirror of Simple Souls, Love speaking).

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